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Value is in the eye of the beholder

Adjacency is here to make it easy for organisations to grow.

People and organisations are more likely to buy from you if they understand, in their terms, how what you do will benefit them. Partners are more likely to collaborate with you for the same reason.

Having an excellent product and a well-honed offer is not enough. We believe that to be successful you must work to tip the balance in your favour by keeping your customer's (or partner's) definition of value in mind. Making easy for them to understand how you meet their needs creates a connection and differentiates you from their other choices. You can create this connection faster by:

  • Developing challenger based routes to market - using disruptive insights to proactively engage customers and showing them how they can achieve the results they need from your unique offer.

  • Delivering greater customer-specific value by combining adjacent solutions from existing and new communities.

Adjacency helps you win by developing a deeper connection with your customers, earning you the right to challenge assumptions and maximise the value you deliver.  

We are passionate about maximising opportunity and have a rare talent for seeing value through the lens of your customer. Our down to earth approach delivers results that matter because we believe in:

  • Acting with integrity

  • Delighting customers

  • Getting things done

  • Enjoying the journey