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This report birings to life your target customer and is an invaluable tool to guide your entry propositions. It presents financial information (from submitted regulatory returns) about the target company to enable your sales and marketing teams to develop inisights about the company. These insights can be used as a basis for ABM campaings, qualification, matching value propositions to specific issues or creating a point of view on pain points that the target company may be experiencing.

Free with Code Ex01 - Kier Group Target Insight Report

  • This document answers series of questions about the target organisation:

    • How well is the organisation performing?
    • How has the performance of the organisation changed over time?
    • What is happing to the financial KPIs?
    • What would happen to key metrics if performance were to be improved?
    • Are there any red flags, if so how do the create drag on enterprise value?
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