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We make it easy for you to better define and articulate your value to your customers and partners.

Growing your revenues and saving you money through adjacency.



We have a rare talent for seeing value through the lens of your customer. 

People and organisations are more likely to buy from you if they understand, in their terms, how what you do will benefit them and by how much. Partners are more likely to collaborate with you for the same reason.

Having an excellent product and a well-honed offer is not enough. To be successful you must work to tip the balance in your favour by making it easy for customers and partners to understand why what you do matters to them.


This creates a connection and differentiates you from their other choices. You can create this connection faster by:

  • Developing challenger based routes to market - using disruptive insights to proactively engage customers and showing them how they can achieve the results they need from your unique offer.

  • Delivering greater customer-specific value by combining adjacent solutions from existing and new communities.


A simple collaborative method that focuses on the discovery, quantification and articulation of value.

  • Tailored to your organisation and to your customers, defining your value in their terms

  • Developed from years of front-line experience in complex sales and business development.

  • Proven to work at any scale but has been tuned for start-ups, scale-ups and the mid- market.


We start by getting an intimate understanding if how you currently sell - your sales lifecycle, your channels, and the ways in which you communicate value to customers. We:

  • Assess your target clients to understand what value is important to them and then map this value to your solutions

  • Plot the gaps in channel, process, product or service, identifying any negative space from which we can create opportunity.


  • Create a set of challenger propositions which describe surprising ways your target clients could operate more efficiently and effectively and which lead back uniquely to your offer.

  • Build a model to calculate the value of your offer to a new or existing target client. Source the data to populate the model.

  • Help you understand the value of your offering through different lenses and build new use cases for your solutions.

  • Sometimes the quickest way of maximising potential from the negative space is through partners, so we outline the roles they could play and the best candidates to fit your business.

  • If you are investigating new technologies (like blockchain) for your solutions we will help you understand the value of the journey you want to embark upon to validate the journey is worthwhile. 



  • We design personalised campaigns to communicate your value to target audiences – customers, influencers and partners.

  • We help you execute those campaigns by finding the right specialists, creating campaign materials or engaging your audiences directly.

  • The route to success is developed here, finding the best set of steps that will achieve the required results.



Adjacency helps Business-to-Business organisations grow by fundamentally re-thinking how they engage with and articulate value to their customers.


The result is:

  • a quicker connection with target customers

  • deeper, more intimate relationship

  • increasing pipeline and probability of success

  • reduction in ineffective engagements

Our proven method is delivered by skilled and experienced people that have an infectious enthusiasm for growth.


We create repeatable, predictable and scalable foundations to generate better than proportional increase in results with a clear link to future revenue potential that will delight your customers and excite your shareholders.


Adjacency put us onto RPA (Robotic Process Automation).  They saw the market before we did and made us develop an ROI for RPA that now allows us to engage more effectively with clients.  Adjacency helped us create a more compelling argument.


Adjacency has helped us double our pipeline in large enterprise organisations.  We are having conversations with companies we never would have got a foot in the door with previously.


Adjacency helped us expand out of our core market and into other verticals.  We have 10 new customers from scratch and Adjacency played a role in getting them over the line and then growing them. The partnership has been an integral part of the growth of our new business from birth to maturation.

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