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This report birings to life your target customer and is an invaluable tool to guide your entry propositions. It presents financial information (from submitted regulatory returns) about the target company to enable your sales and marketing teams to develop inisights about the company. These insights can be used as a basis for ABM campaings, qualification, matching value propositions to specific issues or creating a point of view on pain points that the target company may be experiencing.

Target Insight Report

  • The report conatins

    • Core financial performance: Use this section to get a quick orientation of the Target Company using traditional measures of financial performance. Grounding your understanding of their situation.
    • The impact on the target company from improving a metric: Use this section to quickly understand the financial impact of improving different metrics. Essential insight for qualification to determine whether there is any pressure to act, and quantify the value your solution can deliver.
    • Hidden insights from comparing different KPIs: This non-othordox comparison of metrics reveals the story behind the numbers and provides a unique way of matching opportunity to your offerings. Addressing the red flags gives your target confidence that your solution has a direct impact on their enterprise value. 
    • Trends in the target company's reported and derived KPIs: A side by side view of how the different KPIs have tracked is really useful for preparing your high gain questions. Is there cause and effect? Does it look like there is active management? How do they compare against what you know of your industry and existing customers?
    • ESG and Derived Metrics: A view of the target company's ESG measures together with a series of derived metrics (from industry benchmarks and rules of thumb) to aid quantification of the service impact so that it can be applied to the "What If" and "Flags" analysis. Speeding up prioritisation and qualification of entry points.
    • The top level organisation: A view of the key executives and their structure - note that this information is not always in the public domain so will be omitted if unavailable.
  • The report is a PDF document and will be delivered to the email address provided at checkout, delivery is usually within 1 business day of order.

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